Wednesday, July 27, 2011

清炒田七菜 Stir-fried Madeira vine - Experimental Cooking

田七菜 is Anredera cordifolia commonly known as Madeira vine, originated from South America. 

It is known as 落葵薯 in Taiwan and China.
In Malaysia, it grows vigorously in Cameron Highlands as a greens   But soon it gets wild and becomes a noxious weed.  For the sake of marketing this wildly grown liana, the local farmers named it 田七菜,  as its aerial tubers are similar to Panax notoginseng's, the real 田七, an invaluable herb. 

The tubers and leaves are edible.

I just simply stir-fry it with a bit of garlic ( garlic is an utmost important  ingredient in Chinsese style-stir-fry dishes ) and sliced chicken breast.  It is slimy and smooth in taste.

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