Monday, May 18, 2009

Banana Cake

Ingredients :
A1 ripe banana 230g ( ≈ 4pc ), mashed
A2 sweetened evaporated milk 练乳60g
A3 margarine 植物油250g
A4 sugar 白糖230g
A5 eggs 鸡蛋sizeA 5nos
A6 flour 面粉230g
A7 sodium bicarbonate 发粉1tsp

1. Cream the butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
to speed up the process, may use fine sugar instead.
normally, I will reduce the quantity of both the margarine and sugar up to 30%, less sweet, less oily
if the butter is not fluffy enough, the cake will come out more compact, which I prefer more

2. add the eggs one at a time…

3. add the mashed bananas.
for extra flavor of banana, can always add in additional 2 or 3 piece, but need to be compensated with a little bit extra of flour
if the banana is not aromatic enough, artificial banana flavor can be added

4 add sweetened evaporated milk
as the milk is sweet, I always remove it totally… however, a little bit of it will enhance the cake with a sweet milk flavor.
alternatively, reduce the quantity of sugar ! easy

( no rules are unbreakable in cooking / baking )
5 add in sodium bicarbonate
that’s to help to ‘rise’ the dough
6 bake the dough in heater over @ 100°C at around 1 hours
time of baking will be much depending on the size and shape of the cake.
Its not a shame to find the cake not properly baked, but no harm for extra time !

alternatively, if a heater-oven is not available, a steamer is an excellent replacement. Remember to cover the dough with a layer of aluminium foil, to avoid the driping of water, which will spoil the cake