Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ongzi 煮义 - cakes

[10:58] g: i like bake cake , but I don’t eat much cake
[11:05] G: then bake small cakes lah ! ( so ma fan ! )
[11:06] g: small cake difficult to bake la
[11:06] g: more expensive ! more consumption of energy! Not Earth-friendly ( so rational for wat! )
[11:06] G : then buy from bakeries !
[11:06] G : simple, save time! ( haiz ! guys likes to complicates things )
[11:06] g: buy outside one, high calorie[11:06] G : no la!
[11:06] G : buy high quality cake lo!
[11:07] G : I like OngrizinalRecipe ( a local establishment )
[11:07] G : taste so good !..........yum yum
[11:07] g: still,I don’t like cakes ( not becoz of the taste, it’s the nutritional values )[11:08] G : haiz
[11:08] G : then dont eat! ( ka na sai ! )
[11:08] G : save money and wont gain weight
[11:08] g: but sometime tangan gatal wanna bake
[11:09] G : …… ( die la u ! )

Cakes, supposed to be a happy food. Yet any sane person will not deny the fact of the amount of the calories, fats, sugars in it.

I like cakes too. Its no doubt a happy food !

When it comes to the joy of having a cake over a nice cup of coffee, no calories can stand in between. Think of the cake melts in the mouth, no mountain is too high anymore.

Instead of buying cakes from bakeries. I like to bake my own cakes. I like the idea of home-baked cakes, breads, muffins . . . . all sorts of pastries.

Home-bakes are most probably less presentable. Less palatable, maybe. Troublesome too . . . But surely more delicious ! How can it not be ? With all the efforts, the time, and the love as the main ingredients, how can it not be more delicious ?
I like baking, still.
So, when you are enjoying your home-baked cake, think of the love you eat.