Monday, November 2, 2015

Labu Masak Lemak

Ingredients :
1. pumpkin
2. coconut milk, 65ml
3. Sarawak smoked prawn, a.ka. kupas tigah
4. garlic, 5 cloves
5. chili, 2 piece
6. curry powder

First, wash the pumpkin thoroughly, cut into wedges and remove the seeds.  Keep aside.

In a claypot, heat up some cooking oil.  Then put in the kupas tigah, garlic and chili.  Keep heating until the kupas tigah's strong aroma is released, as well as the fragrant of garlic and the chili hot smell fill the kitchen.  Add in the curry powder and stir well.  That will get all the attention. :)  

Put in all the pumpkin, fill the water till full.  Turn on the fire, full throttle.  Once the water boil, add in the coconut milk, and turn down the fire.  Shimmer till the water reduced.

Serve hot.