Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ongrizinal Papaya Milkshake 木瓜奶昔

Papaya milkshake is a very popular drink in S.E. Asia.   

To prepare papaya milk, just add papaya to a glass of milk and blend with a food processor.  The quantity and quality of papaya and milk are crucial in making a good papaya milkshake.   The right combination is often well guarded and kept secret.  It is not surprise some papaya milkshake can’t even pass own taste bud, while some manage to sell it franchise worldwide.

Well, for me, papaya milkshake is another way of having papaya and milk.  I don’t have fresh milk in my fridge, so I substitute with formula milk.  For a cup of milk, I put in 2 slice of papaya.  In case its too thick, adding more milk will just do.   

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ambra juice 莎梨果汁

In Penang, the Hokkiens call the fruit ‘ambra’, apparently derived from its common name 'ambarella'.  In KL, the Cantonese call it '莎梨'.  The Malays call it 'kedondong'.  Over the South China Sea, the Sarawak’s kedondong are much bigger, and they too have different name : ‘buah kunõng’.

Ambra juice /莎梨水 is easily available all over eatery in KL and Penang, but not in Sarawak.   It is best served chilled with a preserved sour plum / 酸梅.