Thursday, November 14, 2013

Variant of Chicken Soup

There are a wide variety of chicken soups, every household have its own recipe, sometime not just one but few recipes, depending on the ingredients.

Major Ingredients ( which are compulsory for cooking chicken soup ) :
1. Chicken, be it thigh/wing/drumstick/breast, boneless, cut/uncut, with/without gizzard/heart/liver  etc
2. Ginger, old/young, sliced/julienne
3. Sesame seed oil ( other type of vegetable oil would be less desirable )

Additional Ingredients ( which are not necessary, but preferred, usually can be added in combination of ) :

a. other meat
1. pork lean meat/liver 猪肉/, or
2. fish maw 鱼漂, or
3. scallop 干贝

b. mushrooms
1. Shiitake mushroom 香菇 ( Lentinula edodes ), and/or
2. button mushroom  蘑菇 ( Agaricus bisporus ), and/or
3. Judas’ ear 黑木耳 ( Auricularia auricula-judae ), and/or
4. white fungus白木耳 ( Tremella fuciformis )

c. wine
1. Shaoxing Rice Wine绍兴酒, and
2. Hakka wine 客家黄酒 or
3. Foochow red wine 福州红酒鸡

d. Chinese herbs
1. American ginseng 泡 ( Panax quinquefolius ), or
2. Chinese angelica 当归 ( Angelica sinensis ), with
3. Chinese date ( Ziziphus zizyphus ) and/or
4. wolfberries 枸杞 ( Lycium chinensis )

Chicken soup is best having with hot rice or meesua/any other type of noodles

Sunday, November 10, 2013

大雄 的 广西汤圆





Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cari Makan @ Jalan Sultan - 潮州粥

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soy noodle 豆签

Soy noodle (豆签), despite its name, is not noodle made of entirely soy.  Soy only made a small portion of the ingredients.  A brief survey of a locally-made soy noodle is made of mainly wheat flour (78%), some amount of tapioca flour and soy (10% each),  and of course water (10%) and salt (2%).
I only wander if the soy is of powder form or of liquid extract ( out of curiosity ).  Whether the soy is GMO or conventional remain undisclosed.  

It is often marketed as a health food, healthier than all other type of noodles (which are made of wheat flour).   Yet, considering the main ingredient is wheat flour, and the blurry source of soy,  it is not very appropriate to label  it as healthier, safer or lesser calories than other noodles.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now Everycan Can Fry . . . 洋葱炒蛋




First, slice an onion.  Put into a bowl with 2 eggs.  Add in some salt and pepper to taste.  Stir to mix. 
Stir fry on pan.  Serve hot with ketchup/chili souce.

...everyone can fry !! 

泡菜汤 Kimchi Soup - Experimental Cooking

I sampled this kimchi soup in Midvalley AEON.   It was nice.  So I think it should be easy to prepare.  Just add in all the ingredients and voila !!!
First, I cut into small pieces some Chinese cabbage, carrot, tofu and a bit of meat.  In a pot, fill in a bowl of water, bring to boil.  Then put in some kimchi and all other ingredients.  Boil for a while till softened.  Garnish with chopped celery leaves.
Serve hot with rice..

…. the taste…… so so niah..

Steamed Bitter Gourd Stuffed with Burger Meat 蒸苦瓜釀汉堡肉

The preparation of this dish is exactly the same as steamed bitter gourd stuffed with minced meat, just replace the minced pork meat with burger meat. 

Burger meat is easily available, cheap, and come with various brand and thus flavor.  The downside is that in Malaysia, burger meats are either of beef or chicken, never pork.  Although burger meats need no flavoring, the content of the burger meats may contain lots of artificial flavoring and additives thus may not be the ideal ingredient for those who are more conscious of what they put in their mouth.

Mincing own meat is not an easy task, especially for the amateurs.  Thus, burger meat is still the easiest option.  Still, easiest isn’t necessary the best option.