Sunday, January 25, 2015

麻坡豆腐 Ongrizinal Muar Tofu

实为烏打豆腐。顾名思义,即烏打( Otak-otak ) 与豆腐的结合体。
烏打是麻坡 ( Muar ) 的名产。一包烏打加一包白豆腐,乱炒一下,便是一道下饭的菜肴。即快、又方便美味更不在话下。


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ongrizinal Papaya Milk

Papaya is not cheap nowadays, it costs about RM3/kg…   

Yesterday, I came across papaya promotion at a local wholesale market, its only RM1.50/kg.  So I bought one.  Cost me about RM1.50.

Upon reaching home, I straightway cut the fruit originated from the tropics of Americas, and devoured half of it. 

Another half of it, I blend it with milk powder and some water… and voilà ! 2 big mugs of papaya milk.   The best drink in the heat of January night.

( Milk powder is the best alternative when fresh milk is no where to be found.  Its easily available, at least in my kitchen. )