Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nasi Kunyit

Nasi Kuning (yellow rice), or sometimes called Nasi Kunyit (turmeric rice), is an Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric. Nasi kuning might come in the form of a cone called a tumpeng and is usually eaten during special events, eg. birthday celebraton.

It is usually served/decorated with a variety of side dishes such as :
shredded omelette,
serundeng (relish of grated coconut and spices),
urap (vegetable in shredded coconut dressing),
teri kacang (fried anchovy and peanuts),
sambal goreng (fried tempeh and potato caramelized in spicy sauce),
ayam goreng (Javanese-style fried chicken),
ampela ayam (chicken gizzard), hati ayam (chicken liver),
balado udang (shrimp in chilli),
perkedel (potato fritters).
telur puyuh ( hardboiled quail eggs),
cucumber, tomato, chilli, carrot, etc.

source : Wikipedia