Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Kaya, also known as seri kaya, is a coconut jam made from a base of coconut milk and eggs. It is sweet and creamy, often in golden brown or green depending of the amount of pandan and caramel.

Ingredient :

1. Sugar 70g
2. Egg x 2
3. coconut milk powder 25mg
4. pandan flavour

Instruction :

1. beat egg with sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
2. add in coconut milk powder and pandan flavour, blend well
3. steam over water, stir till cooked
to make the kaya golden brown in colour, melt 2 tsp of sugar separately, and stir in the caramel

as a child , I'd watch over and over again as my mother prepared the jam .
she, of c0urse, used the traditional original coconut milk and pandan leaves.
it was a lot more tedious back then, as we cooked from gasoline-stoves. its a long process stiring the jam over the flame.
however, the kaya my mom made was the best i had ever tasted.
there are still room for improvement for my kaya. it is far from perfect. yet, its delicious despite the look, I assure you.


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