Thursday, January 7, 2010

CNY : Arrowhead 芽菇

Arrowhead, also known as cígū (慈菇, literally mean "benevolent mushroom") or ya( 芽菇 ). It is also known as many names : 燕尾草白地栗. It is a member of genus Sagittaria ( 慈姑屬 ) of Alismataceae ( 澤瀉科 ), the water-plantain family.

A polymorphic species, the sub-species S. sagittifolia leucopetala is extensively cultivated for its edible bulb in China.

The round tuber is edible. It tastes bland, with a starchy texture, similar to a potato but somewhat crunchier, even when cooked.

Tubers can also be dried and ground into powder for use as a gruel or added to cereal flours and used in making bread, biscuit or cake.

Its best cook with pork with soy sauce. Just slice the arrowhead to 5mm thick and shimmer it with pork pre-marinated with soy sauce.

Equally delicious is arrowhead chips. Sliced it into thin slices, and deep fried it until it is crunchy. The taste is fabulous, far more better than potato chips !


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