Thursday, November 11, 2010


雪糕 是许多人的最爱。有人偏爱Häagen-Dazs 等名牌货。所谓名牌,贵之。

其实,好吃与否,并不在乎山珍海味。心情好,Wall’s 也一样好吃!

不过,雪糕淋上 Bicerin di Gianduiotto Liqueur…淡淡的兰香味,滑滑的榛子巧克力,隐隐的咖啡味,可爱的牛奶味集各色色香香味味于一口口冰冰的雪糕,赞!

Bicerine (mean ‘small glass’ in Piedmontese) is a traditional hot drink native to Turin, Italy.  It is made of espresso, drinking chocolate and whole milk served layered in a small rounded glass.

Gianduiotto is a Piedmontese chocolate, also a specialty of Turin.   Gianduiotti are produced from paste of sugar, cocoa and hazelnut.

The combination of Bicerine and Gianduiotto, is Vincenzi Bicerin di Gianduiotto Liqueur.


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