Sunday, September 11, 2011

炒红萝卜 Stir-fried Carrot

The carrots in a mix-veg dish are always cut in chunks, slices, or diced, taste a lot like a carrot ( duh ! ) ( which is not my favourite bite )
Cooking a sole-carrot dish is very challenging.  The dish could ended up in trash bin.

So, I fast and furiously julienne 2 carrots with a box-grater.  Set aside.
Mince 3 clove of garlic,  saute it.
Slice some pork / chicken meat.  Add into the wok.  Stir till partially cooked.
Add in the carrot.  Stir fry a bit.  Pour in some water, simmer it till cooked.
Add salt and pepper  to taste.

Surprisingly, it tastes good !


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