Monday, October 10, 2011

大街的包子摊 之 蒸笼

Steamer is a kitchen appliance used to cook food via steaming.

Traditional Chinese steamers ( 蒸笼 ) are normally made of bamboo or wood.
 Some material known for making traditional Chinese steamer :
柳杉 ( Cupressaceae : Cryptomeria fortunei ),
云杉 ( Pinaceae : Picea meyeri ),
毛竹 ( Poaceae : Phyllostachys heterocycla ),
桂竹 ( Poaceae : Phyllostachys bambusoides ).

Steamer is most widely used in cooking bao ( 包子), a steamed variant of bread, with or without various fillings.

A smaller version of steamer is also used for cooking dimsum ( 点心 ), a Cantonese cuisine.

Lesser known uses include steaming of cakes, fishes, etc.  

However, due to its bulkiness, tedious handling & upkeep, and undurability, traditional steamers are rapidly replaced by new electrical steamer ( for homes ) and stainless steel steamer ( for restaurants ).

I spotted this vendor selling baos somewhere in Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan.  Straightaway  I pulled over and buy some baos from him.  His baos are slightly more expensive than others, and less yummy too.  I won’t patronize him anymore lo…

He did remind me about Grandma’s baos, though.   Back then, Grandma used to make baos, steamed them in traditional steamers, just like that.  And then we help her sell the baos around the Julau town. 
It was a long long time ago...

Baos now are not as delicious as Grandma’s.


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