Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pisang Tanduk Goreng

My mother loves pisang goreng, i.e. banana fritters.  Basically all kind of banana can be made into fritters, be it the sweet dessert banana, or a bland plantain.

Pisang goreng is best having for afternoon tea.  The best banana for goreng is probably pisang tanduk.  Tanduk means ‘horn’ in English, referring to its big size, resembling a bull’s horn. Thus its named 牛角蕉 in Hokkien dialect, literally means ‘bull’s horn banana’.

Normally a ripe pisang tanduk is used for making pisang goreng.   
After peeling  the pisang tanduk, it is cut at 45° into 10cm thick slices.  

It is then coated with batter and deep-fried.

A nicely done pisang goreng tanduk should have a nice crispy, golden batter outside; and steaming-hot, soft, sweet banana inside.  



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