Sunday, January 20, 2013

Acar Sarawak - Recipe

Ingredients #1 :
1. 1 green unripe papaya
2. 10 cucumber
3. 4 carrot
4. 10 red pepper

First, peel the unripe papaya, remove the seeds. 
Without peeling the skin, remove the cucumber seeds.
Cut the papaya, cucumber, carrot and red pepper into 4cm stripes.

Then, add in a generous amount of table salt to the ingredients #1.   The salt creates a hypertonic solution, removing the moisture from the ingredients.   The moisture is further removed by squeezing the ingredients,  or by any other means, be it by twisting or pressing.  Lastly, dry the dehydrated ingredients under the sun.

Ingredients #2
1. rice vinegar 680 ml
2. sugar 600 g
3. red pepper powder
4. turmeric powder
5. garlic, sliced

First, stir-fry the red pepper powder and turmeric powder in oil.  Then, add in the vinegar and sugar.  Bring to boil, then turn the flame down till all the sugar dissolved.  When the broth thickened, turn off the stove.  Let the broth cool down.

After the broth cooled, add in the dried ingredients #1 , mix well.   
Keep the acar in glass containers, in cool and dry place.


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