Friday, May 14, 2010

Mixed-Vege One-Pot-Rice 一窝饭

One-pot cooking is the most logical thing to do when cook for 1 or 2 person. It is convenient, easy to prepare, and most importantly balance in nutrient. Besides, its energy saving, need not to wash a lot of utensils, and thus environmental friendly.

This is one of my regular one-pot rice-based meal :

Put 200g ( 2 cups ) of rice into rice-cooker, add in water and a pinch of salt.
Add in some diced carrot, lots of frozen corns, some frozen peas, diced onion, miced garlic, diced chicken meat, oyster source, black pepper ……

For more variety, can also add in meat balls, hotdogs, diced pork…..
Other vegetables e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, long beans, French bean, winged angled bean, lady’s finger are only to be added on top of rice when it’s almost done.

Switch on the cooker, sit back and enjoy a cuppa while waiting. Easy !


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