Friday, May 21, 2010

Stir-fried Lady's Finger 酱油羊角豆

Okra, or Lady's finger is known as kacang bendi in Malay language, or 羊角豆 for Malaysian Chinese, ( although it is not actually botanically a kacang or 豆. It is certainly not a pea )

When cooked, it become slimmy. I think at some point as a child, we dislike lady's finger for its mucilage. We make fun of it for its similiarity to snivel, which is absolutely disgusy to consume !

Well, enough of talking.... lets wok !

Lady's finger is best stir-fried.

First, saute the diced garlic and anchovies. Next, throw in all the sliced lady's finger ( about 8 pieces ). Again, keep stiring to avoid burning.

( Is it not common sense to keep stiring to avoid burning ? Hell it is ! So, I won't bother to mention it anymore. Felt like a moron )

Add in some dark soysauce, fish sauce and a bit of msg. Done !


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