Sunday, April 17, 2011

福州红酒鸡汤面线 Misua in Foochow RedWine Chicken Soup

Misua ( in Hokkien ) ( 面线 pronouce as mian xian in pinyin ) is vermicelli made of wheat flour.

Misua is originated from Fujian, China. In Foochow dominated Sarawak, it is served with Foochow redwine chicken soup . As it signifies long life, misua is a must-have birthday food.

It can be easily obtained from any groceries stores in Sarawak, in both fresh and dried form.

Cooking a misua is an easy task !

First, boil some water in pot. When the water bubbled, put in the misua.
In the blink of an eye, the misua will float to the surface, indicating that its cooked.
Serve hot with Foochow redwine chicken soup.


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