Friday, February 12, 2016

Acar Limau

Ini dia Acar Limau Matu yang amat sedap, dibuat oleh makcik I dari Matu, Sarawak.  Recipi-nya, yang I post-kan cuma secara kasar cara-cara penyediaan.  

Rasa-nya, manis, masam, pedas, wangi.  Nyamai  !!!!  

Citrus preparation
1.  wash, clean and dry the citrus
2. scratch the citrus skin with a knife. This is a very tedious task, but essential to remove the bitter taste from the skin
3. cut vertically top-down into 6 wedges without parting them
4. press down the citrus to remove the juice and seeds.  Keep the juice
5. dry the citrus for 1 day under hot sun
6. steam the pressed citrus till cooked, let it cool

Sauce preparation
7. in a pan, mix coriander powder, chili powder and turmeric powder in black vineger, heat over pan
9. add sugar and citrus juice
10. stir till thickened, let it cool

11. arrange citrus in glass jar, pour in the sauce
12.keep for 1 week


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