Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stir-Fry Preserved Dabai

This is stirfried preserved dabai ( fruit of Canarium odontophyllum ), a recipe by my makcik from Matu.

Dabai is a very highly perishable fruit.   It is available only end of the year, usually from November to December.  A few weeks late, and its disapear from the morning market.  Many try to preserved it, a lot failed.   Few suceeded.

Among the one who succeeded is my makcik from Matu.   

First, the dabai is soaked in warm saline water till its softened.   Then the flesh and the seed are seperated.  The flesh, is then frozen.

Whenever crave for dabai, just unfreeze the frozen. sauté over some minced garlic or anchovies.   Serve with rice.


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