Sunday, October 17, 2010

罗汉果 凉茶

1.罗汉 ( dried fruit of Siraitio grosvenori )
2.百合 ( dried bulb scales of Lillium brownii var viridulum )
3.冬瓜糖  ( sweetened stripes of Cucurmis hispida fruit - winter melon strips )
4.蜜枣 ( sweetened fruit of Ziziphus zizyphus )
5.桂圆 ( dried fruits of Dimocarpus longan )
6白木耳  white fungus ( dried Tremella fuciformis )

Additionally, can add
莲子 lotus seeds ( seeds of Nelumbo nucifera )
白果 ginkgo seeds ( seeds of Ginkgo biloba )
Simmer all ingredients ( except white fungus ) in 3 liter of water, for 1 hours ++ untill the gingko seed, or lotus seed softened.  By then, the 罗汉果 has started emitting its aroma.

Only then, put in all the white fungus.  Bring to boil for a while, and it's done !
( don't cook the white fungus too long.  Over-cooked white fungus tends to be hardened, and losts its agar-like chew )

Serve hot.   But I perfer to have it chilled during a hot summer day !


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