Friday, October 1, 2010

Sarawak's Smoked Prawn

This is the uniquely Sarawak’s smoked prawn, locally known as kupas tigah in Melanau language.

The Melanaus are native of Sarawak, residing along rivers and costals of Borneon Malaysia.  Tradionally fishermans and farmers, the Melanaus used to live in tall stilted houses by the riverines. 

Sokedprawn is considered important foodstuff by the Melanaus.  The prawns are harvested from the sea, deskinned, straightened, and smoked over an open hearth.  The end product is an  appeasing marroon coloration, chewy, savory with richness of prawn.

Kupas tigah can be stored for long period time, and thus was once an important staple food for fishermans, and wanderers as well.  It was taken along with sagu and umai.

Today, priced at a hefty RM70/kg, kupas tigah is well incorportated into cuisines of other ethnic group of Sarawak. 


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