Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peanut Rice Porridge 花生粥

Peanut rice porridge is another of my favourites. It's another way to cook peanut soup... just add in some rice to make it a porridge. Another lazy-man dish... suites me lah.
Ingredients :
250g rice
100g peanut
100g lean pork meat, chopped/grinded
2.5liter water
some dried squid
last but not least, of course, some salt and MSG for taste
Methods :
1. All ingredients into a pot…. ( duh ! of course ~ ~ )
2. Bring to boil….. careful, it will bubble, don’t let it overspill
3. Reduce the flame, simmer it for about 1 hour… till the peanut softened. Stir a bit if necessary, to avoid burnt at bottom. The peanuts take longer time to cook, maybe can pre-cooked the peanuts first.
4. Lastly, add salt and pepper and MSG to taste
Serving for . ..... dinner... supper... breakfast


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