Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Belacan Pineapple 虾酱黄梨

Ingredients :

fresh pineapple, cut into bite size.
shallots, slice.
meat... be it chicken or pork, minced.
Sarawak's dried prawns, minced.
belacan ( shrimp paste ) dilute in water.
fresh red chilies
little bit of sugar.
salt to taste

Method :

First, saute the shallots and dried prawns. Before everything get burnt, put in the miced meat & chilies, stir for a while. Then, throw in all the pineapple, with the the belacan. Sprinkle a bit of sugar, and stir well. Simmer till the pineapple turn soft.

Its soury, sweet, hot and spicy all in a bite !!!


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