Thursday, December 9, 2010

螺炒酱油 Horn Shell in Soy Source

This is 吸螺Cerithidea obtusa ) ( in Malay it’s called Siput Sedut ), a type of sea nail found in the shores of tropic SEA, eventually find its way to local markets.

To bring this filthy shells to dinning table seems impossible & disgusting, but after some effort, it’s an unforgetable grastronomic experience !

First, wash away the mud.  Then soak the shells in salty solution for about 5 minutes, they will come out of their shells and excrete the remaining ‘pooh pooh’.  Then, use a pincher plier to cut off their tails ( about 1/5 of the total length ).

Stir fry with sliced ginger and soy source for about 2 minutes.  Add little bit of sugar for to have a little bit of sweet taste. 

The flesh is beyond normal human’s visual perception of displeasing appearance.   Its unpalatably ugly.  So, my sole advice is : don’t look.  A glimpse and your stomach may turns into stone.

Close your eyes, if you had to.  Suck the shell to get to the flesh.  Its chewy, sweet, and nice ( I guess )( never my favourite dish ).


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