Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ongrizinal Green Cooking

People of the present days are more concern of the food they consumed, particulary food safety, green food, health food etc.   Due to these believes, people are more willing to spend more on expensive green food, fancy & costly cooking apparatus, miraculous water filters  

However, the essence of food preparation should be environmental friendly! 

Food are the produce of earth.  A good care of the earth naturally promises a long term supply of food.  In another word : sustainable living.

Water Saving

We were taught to wash our food thoroughly.  But how many times are enough ?  Nobody really knows.  Well, to be safe, use as much water as we can, use whatever detergent in the market, soak-rinse-soak again…

It is really amazing how much water we use to wash our rice, soak our greens, or wash our fruits.  Yet we often complaint shortage of water supply, and we see in awed how some part of  the world die of thirst.

Some people don’t seems to be able to estimate the amount of water needed for boiling eggs, blanching greens, etc.  Boiling few eggs or a zucchini doesn’t require a whole pot of water, not only it’s a waste of water, it’s wasting cooking gas/electricity too.

We tend to forget that water are limited resources too, despite its easily-available by turning on the tap, or the insignificant of the cost of water.   So, just like any other daily activity, a sustainable cooking should optimise water usage in washing, cooking, dish cleaning etc

Sometimes cooking for a person or two doesn’t need a table full of dishes / full course meal.  A one-pot-dish or a all-in-one dish is more than enough.  Less cooking time, less washing, less headache, less weight gain.

Energy Saving

Traditional cooking sometimes consumes a lot of water, energy and time.   Doesn’t mean that we should abondoned the traditional cooking, but to explore other options of energy-saving cooking.

Energy-saving appliances such as pressure cooker, microwave oven, thermal cooker, etc should be given a fair chance in our kitchen. 

Electric thermos jar,  slow cooker and other appliances which require long hour of unattended cooking may be an convenience option for some, but they obviously consume more electricity than other appliances.

When using a kettle, only boil as much water as you need.  It will save electricity and boil water more quickly.  Duh !

Time Saving

Time is not only money, it is life too.  Thus wasting time not only wasting money, it wastes life as well.

Simmering, stewing etc are time consuming ways of cooking.  With proper appliances, cooking time can be reduced significantly.  New, innovative methods not only cut short cooking time, they also deliver the same end result.


Besides saving water, energy and time, we need to consider ways of reducing kitchen wastes, i.e. miminizing non-edible portion &/@ wastage of food etc.

When buying groceries and foodstuff, try to buy in bulks.  Avoid the individually packed foodstuff in plastic.  We may pay a little bit extra for the convenience, but what would be price the future generation pay?


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