Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Edible Palms of Malaysia

Subfamily : Arecoideae
Cocos nucifera - kelapa

The endosperm, ( commonly known as coconut ‘meat’), is crated and toasted to make ‘kerisik’ for use in cooking and bakery.  Coconut milk ‘santan椰浆is extracted from crated fresh endosperm, while coconut oil ‘minyak kelapa椰油is from dried endosperm.

Coconut water ‘air kelapa椰水is consumed fresh, or fermented into liquor and vinegar.

Sap derived from incising of the flower cluster ‘mayang’ too is consumed fresh as nira, fermented into liquor ‘toddy椰花酒, reduced to make coconut sugar ‘gula Melaka椰糖.

Apical buds of adult coconut tree is harvested and consumed as vegetable ‘umbut kelapa椰心.

Subfamily : Arecoideae

Bactris gasipaes - peach palm

Apical bud is harvested for vegetable.

Subfamily : Nyphoiceae
Nypa fruticans - nipah

Just as coconut, its flower cluster can be taped to yield sweet sap.  The sap can too produced into liquor, vinegar and sugar ‘gula apong’.

The seed of young fruit, ‘attap-zi’  is used as a dessert ingredient.

Buds are harvested and consumed as vegetable.

Subfamily : Coryphoideae
Arenga pinnata – kabong

A sugary sap is harvested from incised flower cluster.  The sap is then reduced to make ‘gula kabong’.

The seed of young fruit is a delicacy.

Subfamily : Calamoideae
Salacca zalacca ( Salacca edulis ) - salak

The sweet and acidic flesh is eaten fresh, or pickled.

Subfamily : Calamoideae
Eleiodoxa conferta  - asam paya

The flesh is very acidic and often used in cooking.  It is also pickled into ‘jeruk kelubi


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