Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steamed Bitter Gourd stuffed with Minced Pork 蒸釀苦瓜

First, cut off both end of a bitter gourd.  Then vertically cut it into a 2cm thick rings.  Without damaging the ring, remove the seeds with the spongy pith with a spoon or a small knife.  Keep aside.

Meanwhile, finely dice some carrot, dried shitake mushroom and onion.  Add into minced pork.  Seasoned it with a bit of salt, pepper, sesame seed oil and corn flour.   

Another lazy way to prepare the mixed minced pork is replace it with frozen beef/chicken burger meat.  It is readily flavoured, yet may not as healthy.

Then, arrange the rings on a ceramic/glass/metal plate.  Stuff the mixed minced pork into in bitter gourd rings.  Steam it for about 10 minutes.


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