Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soy noodle 豆签

Soy noodle (豆签), despite its name, is not noodle made of entirely soy.  Soy only made a small portion of the ingredients.  A brief survey of a locally-made soy noodle is made of mainly wheat flour (78%), some amount of tapioca flour and soy (10% each),  and of course water (10%) and salt (2%).
I only wander if the soy is of powder form or of liquid extract ( out of curiosity ).  Whether the soy is GMO or conventional remain undisclosed.  

It is often marketed as a health food, healthier than all other type of noodles (which are made of wheat flour).   Yet, considering the main ingredient is wheat flour, and the blurry source of soy,  it is not very appropriate to label  it as healthier, safer or lesser calories than other noodles.  


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