Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glossary of Cutting Techniques

Chopping = cutting into pieces

Brunoise = small size dicing, produced from further cutting of julienned food
Dicing = cutting of food into small blocks.  There are 3 types of dicing : large 20mm cube, medium 10mm cube and small 5mm cube.

Grinding = reducing to fine particles by pounding or crushing

Julienning = food item is cut into long thin strips, normally a thick rectangular stick 6-7cm x 1-2mm length x 1-2mm width

Mincing = food ingredients, eg. Garlic, ginger, herbs, meats, are finely divided, to allow more evenly distributed flavour in a mixture.

Peeling / Skinning = removing of outer layer of fruits or vegetables
Rinding = removing of thick outer layer of food eg. watermelon, citrus, bacon

Slicing = cutting into slice 
Shaving = cutting into thin slice

Grating = reducing to small particles by rubbing against a rough surface or a surface with many sharp-edged openings.


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