Tuesday, May 24, 2011

冬瓜汤 WinterMelon Soup

Ingredients :
Wintermelon, half, skinned, cut into chunk
Spare ribs / lean pork meat
Carrot, 1 piece, cut into cubes
Dried scallops

Jim brought me a pressure cooker when he came back from Brazil several years ago.  The pressure cooker helped me a lot in preparing mostly soups and stews.   It really sounds dangerous, but I must say it really saves me a lot of cooking time.  

Traditionally, Chinese soups are simmered for a long time to get the taste out.  This wintermelon soup takes only 30 minutes to cook.  Despite being fast and furious, the soup taste as good as conventional simmering, and energy-saving too !

Bravo to pressure cooker !
and Kudos to Denis Papin, the inventor of pressure cookers !


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