Thursday, August 4, 2011

虾膏四角豆炒饭 Belacan Winged-Bean Fried Rice

Ingredients :
1. rice, cooked, loosened
2. prawn paste ( belacan )
3. anchovies
4. winged-bean x 20, chopped
5. curry leaves ( Murraya koenigii )
6. garlic, minced
7. chili
8. fish sauce

First, in a slightly excessive cooking oil, heat the prawn paste over small flame, until it fragrant.  

Add in the minced garlic, curry leaves, chili and anchovies.  Slowly, stir fry until everything is cooked.  The anchovies will turn brown and hardened when its cooked.

Then, add in all the winged-beans. Stir for a while before putting in all the rice.
Flavour it with some fish sauce, a
nd flavour enhancer.  


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