Thursday, August 4, 2011

红酒丝瓜炒蛋 Stir-fried Luffa

Handling a stove is both a skill of art and science.   Passion and emotions are 2 important elements impossible to disregard, so are the environmental factors and the ingredients…

This is the nth-time I stir-fry a luffa within a month’s time, so my luffa-stir-frying skill has improved significantly, but it also resulted in me getting bored with the dish.  The more I wok on it, the better I get.  Yet every time the dish turned out differently. 

My Ongrizinal's conclusion is : every dish is an unique piece work of art..  Never will there be an exact duplication, even it’s the same dish, or exact same ingredients.   

So, this stir-fried luffa is unique on its own. 
Its aroma is slightly different due to the different wine I used : Foochow redwine. 
Its drier, almost no gravy, as no additional water is added.
The eggs taste different, maybe its from another farm.
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