Thursday, August 11, 2011

卤鸡肫 Stewed Chicken Gizzard

First, clean the chicken gizzards.  Then marinate them with some 3 table spoon of dark soy sauce, a teaspoon of five spice powder and a tablespoon of granular sugar. 
If too much dark soy sauce is added, the whole thing will turn out dark-coloured.  Too much five spice powder too will result in the dish overwhelmed with the spice’s strong smell.

Meanwhile, peel a bulb of garlic.
Fry the garlic in oil first, then put in the chicken gizzards.  
Add in water to cover the gizzards, bring to boil

Turn down the flame.  Simmer until the gizzards are cooked and tender.
By then, almost half the gravy has dried up.


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