Friday, February 3, 2012

A Walk Through the Tamu Sarikei : 水产

Sultan Fish, Jelawat   
Leptobarbus hoevenii
ongzi : "I heard this is expensive ..."

Tilapia, 非洲鱼
Sarotherodon galilaeus galilaeus
"this is, on the contrary, one of the cheapest fish available,
yet definitely one of the most yum-yum."

Baby Sharks
( can anyone help me with the scientific name ? )
ongzi : "cut into long pieces and then deep-fried it, sedap !"

( can anyone help me with the scientific name ? )
ongzi : "calamari, anyone ?"

Udang Galah, 大闸虾
Macrobrachium rosenbergii
ongzi : "at RM 35/kg, it's very cheap compare to Peninsular Malaysia. 
Good even only steam with rice wine !!!"
Mud Crab, 螃蟹
Scylla paramamosain

( and this ? )
ongzi : "I belum pernah cuba ini.... :( "

( and this... )
ongzi : "Erm.... a simple blanching will do."

Big La-La
( and this ... )
ongzi : "This is best to steam with lots of ginger and rice wine."

Kupang, Siput Sudu
( and this too ! )
ongzi : "belum cuba, belum tahu .. :)"


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