Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cari Makan @ Rawang - Rojak + ABC

This is a hidden eatery, patronized by mostly locals.   It is operated from a single storey terrace house, by an old Indian mammi married to a Chinese apek.

It served mainly rojak mee and ABCair batu campur.   Most patrons prefer to take-away, as there are only 3 tables, and ventilation is quite poor.   Yet dine-in during can also be enjoyable, and environmental friendly too. 

Rojak - 微辣。小晴没兴趣。

ABC - 太远了,拿不到!

A plate of spicy-hot rojak, with a bowl of icy-cool ABC, is best to have during a lazy-hot afternoon.

It is not difficult to locate, as GPS is widely used.  Rawang is not that big.
4574, Lorong Hijau 4
Taman Sri Hijau


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