Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ongrizinal Pineapple Juice 王子の黄梨汁

Add 300mL of chilled water to 300g of pineapple in a blender.  Blend till it smoothes.  If the pineapple is sourly, add in some sugar. 

I have yet to encounter a very sweet pineapple.  The sweetest of all still carries a bit of sour taste.  So, I would add a tablespoon of sugar to my concoction.

Chilled water is added, rather than ice cubes, as I wish to have a watery juice, not a ice-blended.  I wouldn’t want to chill the juice in the fridge, as the fibrous part would float on top.  I also wouldn’t want to add ice cubes to the juice to dilute it.  So, chilled water is the best choice.  In fact, I pre-chilled the pineapple in the fridge prior to the blending. 

Instant chilled Ongrizinal pineapple juice !


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