Thursday, June 30, 2011

三味蒸蛋 3-Flavoured Steam Egg

Steam egg is an egg dish usually categorized as a soup dish.  

The basic ingredient are : eggs and water, seasoned with a bit of salt.  A wide variation of steam egg can be derived by adding different additional ingredients to it, 三味蒸蛋 3-flavoured steam egg is one of many variation of it.

First, hard-boil a salted egg.  Cut into small pieces.
Century egg need not to be cooked.  Cut it into small pieces too.
Then, beat 2 egg with 400ml of water, in a big bowl, preferable metal or ceramic made.  Too much water may prolonged cooking time, and the egg turns out watery.
Put in the chopped salted egg, and century egg.  Add in a bit of salt to taste.
Steam for about 30 minutes, until the egg hardened into a tofu-like substance.  


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