Friday, June 24, 2011

MILO + Egg

Yes, you are right.  Its an egg in MILO !  An hardboiled egg, to be exact.

This is my own ongrizinal recipe.  
There are other MILO+egg combination, one that I know is crack open a fresh egg into a cup wih MILO powder, pour in boiling water and stir, the egg will be cooked and appeared to be fine shreds of yellowish-white colloid suspended in chocolate-coloured MILO.  A few slurps and its finish !  No chewing required.     

My version is simple : an hardboiled egg in MILO.   Using a spoon, cut he egg  into bite-size ; or scoop the egg out and bite it off the spoon.   I used to have it for supper or breakfast, when there's no much options.  If after finish the egg, and still not satisfied ... and theres still MILO left, can always add in few crackers ...

You may ask : How does it taste like ?  
Hard to imagine ?  Why not try it yourself tonight ?  
Bon appetit !


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