Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MILO + Cracker

MILO + cream cracker is a mash up, instant, snack of my all time favourite.  It is convenience, easy to prepare, fast, economic and most important of all, fill my empty stomach !    I can have it between meals, midnight supper, for breakfast, lazy-to-cook-day, … while watching tv, reading… etc

Akin to American counterpart of cookie-milk, I believe this combination of snack is a specialty of S.E.Asian Chinese. 

It is a cup of MILO, and a few crackers.  Crackers are soaked momentary in hot MILO – not too long so that the crackers still have its crunchy bite – then scoop out with a table spoon.   It may look messy and distasteful for some, as the crackers looks somewhat awful when if softened.

I remember spreading sweetened milk or kaya on the cracker before soaking them into the MILO.   Hmmm....too sweet even for myself. 

Thinking of it, the cracker can be replaced with any type of cookies… be it butter cookie, Oreo, etc.  Just soak it, scoop it !

A more ‘civilized’  way is to dip-only the crackers in the MILO, and lift it up and bite it.    But, if the MILO is half full, then it might be inconvenience to dip the cracker.   A gentleman way it is, but not so effective, I think.  ( 歹势吃自己 / segan makan, perut lapar ! )


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