Sunday, July 3, 2011

上汤苋菜 Chinese Spinach Soup

First, saute some mince garlic. 
Add in generous portion of water, bring to boil.  Add in anchovies, and sliced American ginseng 泡参( Panax quinquifolius ).  Simmer with Chinese wolfberries 枸杞( pronounced gouqi in pinyin  ) ( Lycium barbarium ) till the American ginseng‘s flavour is out. 

Normally, Chinese angelica 当归 is used ( Angelica sinensis ), instead of American ginseng.   I had no choice but to use American ginseng because after I finish prepared all the ingredients, I realized that there are no more Chinese angelica left in the fridge.  

Remove the anchovies.  Add in a few slice of chicken breast / lean pork.
Add in Chinese spinach 苋菜 ( pronounced xiancai in pinyin ) ( Amaranthus dubius ). Bring to boil.
Add in salt to taste.


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