Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ABC Soup


Meat, 250g - be it chicken ( breast, drumstick, quarter or whole ), or pork ( knuckle, spare ribs, belly, etc ), but not beef.
Potato, x 3  – peel, and cut into chunks
Tomato, x 2  – cut into chunks
Onion, x 2  – cut into chunks
Pepper and salt to taste

Method :
Put all ingredients into a pot half-filled with H2O, simmer for 30 minutes.
Serve hot.
( That’s super easy !!! )

Now, the difficult part is to figure out the meaning &/@ origin of the name.    

Why is it called ABC Soup?   
It is definitely not because of  the ingredients resembling the alphabets.  
Or in anywhere related to the Alphabet pasta. 
Or is it acronym of Air Batu Campur ?   Ali Beng Chandran ? Certainly not !
All Boleh Campur  perhaps ?

Is it because it is easy to prepare, as easy as A-B-C ?

A question remain unanswered.

Well, why don’t try it yourself sometime and chew it over?


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