Friday, March 14, 2014

Cotton Cloth Bag

Cotton cloth bag is essentially required for making soymilk.   The bag is best made of white cotton cloth, so that no pigments and other chemical shall contain the soymilk.

I had my cotton bag sew by a local tailor.  It is 20cm width by 40cm length, sew on 3 sides, and a 20cm-side left open. 

20cm x 40cm is just nice for squeezing soy puree, not too bulky to twist, and not too short to keep the puree from leaking out.

Whoever attempt to make their own homemade soymilk, must own at least a cotton cloth bag.   A fully mechanized soy-maker would not be able to produce soymilk as smooth as cloth-filtered version.    The various high-tech soy-makers in the market may come with made-in-filter, and built-in-heater to produce hand-clean, hassle=free and ready-to-drink soymilk, but the money paid is not worth for the bland and powdery-taste soymilk.    


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