Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ongrizinal Soymilk

Ingredients :
1. soybeans, 300g
2. water, a lot ( for soaking & grinding )
3. sugar, according to your taste

Equipment :
1. a huge pot ( for boiling )
2. a blender
3. a cotton cloth bag
4. a filter, just in case

Method :
1. first, wash the soybean, of course.

2. then, I would soak the soybean overnight.  
- the hydrated soybeans will expand, so better soak it in a bigger container with more water. 
- longer soaking time would really help in blending and better milking.  
- to avoid the soybean turn bad in room temperature, I put them in refrigerator.  

3. next, scope in some soybeans into a conventional blender, add some water to it.  Blend thoroughly. 

4. pour the slurry mixture into a cotton cloth bag.  squeeze the soymilk by twisting the cloth.
- remember to hold the opening tight, to avoid the soybean cake leak out.  try everything possible to avoid soybean cake contamination.  
- if the soybean cake does get into the filtered soymilk, try another round of filtering with a fine filter.
- a 300g of soybean should be just enough for 3 times of blending and squeezing.
- I still prefer the conventional soymilk filtration via muslin cloth bag.   many a time, expensive, high-tech soymilk-makers fail to filter the soybean cake thoroughly, resulting in a powdery taste.

5. the final step is boiling.
- a 300g of soybean can milk some 3 liter of soymilk.
- pour the soymilk into a large pot, bring to boil.
- as the soymilk boils, it accumulates bubbles on the surface.  the bubble will eventually overspill.  so, standby at the pot.
-  at a point, the bubble will burst abruptly.  turn the flame down immediately, otherwise the bubble will surely overflow.  If so, it will be quite a mess to clean up.
-  allow the soymilk to boil for another 10 minutes.  this is supposed to destroy the trypsin inhibitor , protease inhibitors and LOX in the soymilk.
- any unfiltered soybean cake will settle at the bottom of the pot.  It will hardened and difficult to remove.  if boil for a bit longer more, it might get charred and spoil the taste of the soymilk.

6. the actual final step is actually adding sugar to the soymilk.
- sweetening with sugar not only adds in the sweet taste, it also enhanced the aroma of the soymilk.
- the soymilk sold in the market is either too sweet or too bland.  thus I prefer homemade.


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