Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stir-fried Pumpkin 炒金瓜

Ingredient :
1. 400g of pumpkin, ( labu manis / labu lemak /南瓜 / 金瓜 ) mature fruit of Cucurbita maxima,  diced
2. some pork / chicken meat, minced
3. some dried prawn, minced
4. some garlic, minced
Method :
1. saute garlic first,
2. add in the dried prawn, stirfry till aromatic,
3. add in all the meat, saute a while
4. put all the pumpkin, stirfry a bit, add in water, simmer till softened
5. drizzle a little of granualar sugar for a little bit of caramelization
6. salt and pepper to taste.


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