Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rice Dishes

Rice is a staple food in East & S.E.Asian countries.  It is normally cooked plain, yet few variant developed over time. 

Malay styles

Padi is paddy plant in Malay language.  Rice grain is known as beras.  As for cooked rice, it totally another word : nasi.

Nasi Lemak is rice cook with coconut milk, with pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) leaves, seasoned with sliced shallots and ginger.
Serve with hard-boiled egg, sliced fresh cucumber, fried anchovies, roasted peanut, and sambal anchovies.

Nasi Tomato is rice cook with tomato sauce, evaporated milk and ghee, flavoured with ground candlenut, cinnamon, cloves and star anise.
Serve with beef rendang.

Nasi Minyak is rice cook with ghee, flavoured with sliced shallots, garlic, ginger and clove.  Garnish with raisins.

Nasi Dagang mixed of cooked rice and glutinous rice in coconut milk, flavoured by lots of sliced shallot, ginger and fenugreek seed.
Serve with ikan tongkol curry.

Nasi Kerabu is blue-coloured rice served with kerisik ( grated, toasted coconut flesh ), salted fish, ulam-ulaman ( traditional salad of herbs ) .  The blue pigment is from the flower of Clitoria ternatea.

Nasi Impit is fine rice cooked with pandan leaves, pressed & then cut into neat cube.
Serve with satay gravy.

Nasi Lontong is cooked rice wrapped in banana leaves. 
Serve with Masak Loteh.

Nasi Kunyit is steamed glutinous rice pre-soaked with turmeric and tamarind, cooked with peppercorns, pandan leaves and coconut milk.

Ketupat is cooked glutinous rice with coconut milk wrapped in specially weaved coconut leaflets.
A delicacy during Aldifitri festival.   Serve with beef rendang or chicken curry.

Lemang is cooked glutinous rice with coconut milk in hollowed bamboo stalk, usually cooked over firewood.
Serve with beef rendang or chicken curry.

Chinese styles

Chicken Rice is cooked in chicken stock, seasoned with garlic and ginger. 
Serve with boiled chicken, sliced fresh cucumber, sometime taugeh ( bean sprout of Vigna radiata ), and chili sauce.   Garnish with spring onions.

Fried Rice is fried overnight cooked rice with onion, prawn, minced chicken, peas and egg.  A lot of variant of fried rice depend on the ingredients added and the flavouring.

Claypot Rice is rice cooked in a claypot with diced chicken, pork, Chinese sausage, and sometime salted fish  Soy saurce is used for seasoning the ingredients.  Often, it is cooked over a charcoal stove.

Porridge is rice cooked in extra water to make a broth.  It can be plain, or cooked with fish, minced chicken or pork, vegetables, peanut, etc.
Serve with various condiments, such as roasted peanut, century egg, salted egg, soy sauce, etc.

Loh Mai Kai is glutinous rice steamed with minced chicken and shitake mushrooms, flavoured with soy sauce, and oyster sauce.
Often served for breakfast.

Zong zi is cooked glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, with minced pork, shitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes),and Chinese chestnut, seasoned with soy sauce, pepper and five-spice-powder.
It’s a delicacy special for Dragon Boat Festival.

Indian styles

Nasi Biryani is cooked rice with ghee, corn , peas, carrots, French beans, tomatoes and coriander leaves, seasoned with onions, cinnamon, cardamoms and  star anise.

Idli is round steamed rice cakes made from paste of grinded rice and lentils. 
Serve with curry.

Thosai is flat disc of cooked grinded rice batter over iron griddle.  
Serve with curry.


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