Sunday, August 29, 2010

Curry Dal

Curry Dal is my favorite.  I like it to go with roti canai and nasi lemak.  I like it so much that I decided not to be held ransom by the Mamak stall operators.  So the next logical course of action is to prepare my own concoction.

So, I seek the advice from K, and so she says….

Ingredient A
1. 100g lens ( kacang dhal ) ( seeds of Lens culinaris )
2. 1 piece of tomato, diced
3. I piece of carrot, diced
4. 1piece of potato, diced
5. 1 liter water

Seasoning A
1. asafoetida ( Ferula assofoetida ) powder
2. Turmeric / kunyit  ( Curcuma longa ) powder
3. Curry powder

Seasoning B
1. butter or margarine
2. mustard seed
3. curry leaves ( Murraya koenigii )
4. dried chili
5. clove / cengkih ( Syzygium aromaticum )

1 pre-soaked the lens beans in water for > 1hour
2. simmer all the Ingrdient A in water until the lens beans softened
3. put in a bit of turmeric powder for the yellowish colouring
4. seasoned with asafoetica & curry powder
5. add salt to taste

on other pan
6. heat the butter or margarine
7 heat the mustard seed till they popped
8. add in some clove, curry leaves and dried chili
9. stir a bit
10 add to the Ingredient A mixture

Serving suggestion :
best to go with Roti canai


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